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  1. When an imaging system submission needs review and approval, a New Task Created email will be sent to the Cardholder, Employee, Traveler, Supervisor, Delegate (Proxy) or additional Approvers
  2. On your mobile device, tap the review/approve the task link
  3. Enter your NinerNET username and password on the login screen and click Log In button
  4. Tap Tasks
  5. Your task approvals will display, as shown below:
  6. Select the task to approve and the following screen will display, as shown below:

  7. Deny the task if there are any discrepancies  
  8. Perform due diligence
    1. Click View Document
    2. Review Documentation 
  9. To view custom properties, click the Custom Property icon
  10. To annotate the document,  click the Annotation icon
  11. If any changes were made to the document, click the Save icon to retain changes
  12. Use Back button to return to the previous screen
  13. If denying the task, enter a comment explaining the reason why, as shown below:
  14. Click Add Comment to save comments

    *For some approval task processes, the denied comments will be noted in the final email to the Initiator.
  15. Click the Complete button and select the appropriate Reason, Approved or Denied:
  16. Once all tasks have been completed, a No Tasks Found message will be displayed, as shown below:
  17. Click the Disconnect icon to close session


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