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  1. A New Task Created email will be sent to the Cardholder, Employee, Traveler, Supervisor, Delegate (Proxy) or additional Approvers, indicating a submission needs review and approval
  2. Click on link provided in your email message

    Note: You may also open tasks directly by going to (in any browser), click on the Tasks Content App, then navigate to My Assigned to to view pending tasks. 

  3. Enter your NinerNET credentials and click the Log In button on the login screen 
  4. Perform your due diligence: review form and additional pages, add annotation and attachments, and save changes as necessary
  5. If denying the task, enter a comment explaining the reason why and click Add Comment: 
  6. Approve or deny task by clicking Complete and selecting the appropriate Reason

  7. Once all tasks have been completed, a No Tasks Found message will be displayed
  8. To exit the application, click Disconnect
    Imaging Experience Disconnect

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