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Both Dropbox Selective Sync and Smart Sync options require the installation of the Dropbox Sync App.

  1. Dropbox Selective Sync allows you to prevent specific folders in Dropbox from syncing to your local device. 

    1. Selective sync should be used for folders that may contain sensitive or confidential data. 
    2. Folder names and content will not appear in your local Dropbox folders, but will be available online.
    3. Requires editing online through Office Online
  2. Dropbox Smart Sync allows you to select files or folders to be stored locally on your device or in the cloud (online-only).
    1. File and Folder names will appear in your local Dropbox folder.
    2. Online-only files take up minimal space on your hard drive: only saving the file name, location and last updated date.
    3. Online-only files will download to your local device for editing.
    4. Allows you to search for online-only and local files within your local Dropbox folder


      Opening an online-only file or folder will download the file/folder to your hard drive and change the smart sync setting to local.
      If the file contains sensitive or confidential information, you will need to reset the setting to online only to keep the file from remaining on your local hard drive.


Please remember, level 2 data should NOT be synced to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device per Data Handling Guideline. If you have questions about the data levels, please contact your Data Security OfficerInformation Security Liaison, or the Information Security Compliance Office.

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