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Please note that Poll Everywhere refers to a poll question as an activity. You can group multiple activities to create a single poll to use in your course/presentation/etc.

  1. Download the Poll Everywhere browser extension
  2. Open the desired Google Slides presentation
  3. Click the Poll Everywhere tab in the menu bar and click Insert > Activity (log into Poll Everywhere, if prompted)
  4. Select the poll activity(ies) and click Insert slides (these you previously created in Poll Everywhere online)
  5. You can also click the New > Activity to create and insert a new poll question. Please note this new question will be saved in your Ungrouped section; this can be changed in Poll Everywhere online

    1. Click +New Activity
    2. Select the question type you wish to create. Only Multiple Choice (which can also create True/False) and Clickable Images questions support grades (points) being associated with those questions
    3. Click the Edit button in the top right and then enter your question and question answers. Click the checkmark on the left to select the correct answer option(s)
    4. When the poll activity is complete, click Save in the top right
    5. Click Insert slides
    6. Then click Insert slides again
  6. Your question is now inserted as a new slide of your presentation. When in Slideshow mode, you can hover over the bottom of the screen to select showing the results and/or the correctness (the correct answer). If all options aren't shown, due to screen size, click the More button on the right and select the desired option
  7. Questions created in Google Slides are added to your Poll Everywhere account automatically
  8. Use this Downloadable PDF to get started

Other Poll Options

Visit this FAQ to see the other ways you can create a poll question!

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