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Check out this page for more detailed information about the different Poll Everywhere question/activity types commonly used.

Question types can be accessed after logging in to and clicking Create under the Polls tab.

  1. Multiple choice (Can be automatically graded): Allow students to choose among possible answers to a question.
    1. Multiple answers can be allowed, and images can also be used as answer choices.
    2. Points can be weighted or unweighted.

  2. Word Cloud: Allow students to type in a word related to a subject of choice. The words will appear collectively in a cloud form. Only question options operate in the same way as word cloud including: Icebreaker, Retrospective, Discussion, Short Answer and Bulletin Board. These options may come with pre-loaded questions. You may use these or write your own. 
    1. Profanity filtering is available.
  3. Q&A: Ask a question and allow students to respond freely.
  4. Ranking: Students drag options into a logical order arrangement.
  5. Clickable Image (Can be automatically graded): Allow students to select a part of an image that corresponds with your question.
    1. Multiple answers can be allowed.
  6. Survey: Multiple question types can be put under a single, ungraded, observational survey.
  7. Open Ended (Free Response): Students may respond freely by typing a response to a question.


More details, including information about competition questions, can be found on the Poll Everywhere website.

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