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The UNC-Charlotte DE Testing Center is only for students enrolled in a Distance Education program. Faculty teaching a non-DE program course can take advantage of the UNC Online Proctoring Network

UNC Online Proctoring Network

The process provides faculty with direct secure access to the UNC Proctoring Network for uploading their exams for completion by their students. Non-DE students have access to an array of UNC approved proctors in the Charlotte area as well as across the globe. You can request up to three computer or paper-based proctored exams, including final exams or written assignments, for each online course.  Release Exam Details Only at least one week prior to the start of the semester

ProctorU Live Online

In addition to the exam administration process, the University of North Carolina System and the UNC Online Proctoring Network now offers online students the option to have their exams proctored at their home or workplace via the services of ProctorU.  ProctorU is a live online proctoring service that allows exam takers to complete their assessment at home while insuring the integrity of the exam for the institution

  1. Post a proctoring statement and student scheduling instructions in your course syllabus
  2. Open your browser and visit the UNC proctoring site
  3. Click Log In Now
  4. On the left side of the page, select UNC Charlotte
  5. Click Login Through Your Campus

  6. Use your same user ID and password used to access your university email
  7. Verify that the Current Courses tab is active

    Future Semesters

    If you are working on a course for the next semester, click the Future Terms link

  8. Click the drop-down arrow to open a course
  9. You will see three tabs: Exams, Class Roster, and GA/TA 
    1. Exams: Permits faculty members to add exam details to the system and review posted exam details
    2. Class Roster: Permits faculty members to track students’ scheduling activity and access proctors contact information
    3. GA/TA: Permits faculty members to add a helper to the course. Helpers can add and access exam details

  10. Click Add Exam or Exam Details

  11. Enter the appropriate information into the four steps:
    1. Setup: Quiz name, dates, duration, and type

      Quiz Duration

      Enter the accurate duration it takes for students to complete the exam. Do not add extra time to the duration since proctoring services are based on length of exam completion

    2. Requirements: Specify any requirements for the proctors,  what students may use while taking the quiz and if bathroom breaks are allowed
    3. Release and Notify: Enter the text for the notification email and any quiz publishing options
    4. Provide: identify your quiz and/or password. Set the password in the Canvas quiz settings

    Complete Faculty Tutorial

    Access the complete faculty tutorial for more information

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