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Jabber allows employees to use their University phone number from a computer or mobile device.   Please note:

  • Only employees with a dedicated phone line can use Jabber. Employees who only have a voicemail box are not eligible.
  • All office lines are provisioned with Jabber to use on your computer. However, if you want to use the Jabber on a mobile device with the mobile app, you will need to submit a request and select Cisco Jabber Request. 
  • To request a new phone line and Jabber, complete the New Line Request form.

Login to Jabber

  1. Look for the Settings Gear
    Jabber Gear
  2. Click through the options:
    1. Under File, you can create contacts, import contacts or create groups
    2. Under File > Options, you can configure Jabber, click through the menu set and review the options.
      Jabber Options
    3. Please note: 
      1. Under Audio and Video, if there are multiple options (USB camera and microphone and device microphone), review and test them so you know what input Jabber is using for speaker and microphone.
      2. Under Calls, the default setting is to Always start calls with video. You may want to change that.
      3. Location is enabled by default. If checked, this displays your current location to others which you may want to disable.
      4. Under Accounts, unless you have Unified Messaging, you will need to configure Voicemail; enter your NinerNET username and password and click Apply.
      5. Calendar integration is not available
  3. By clicking on the left menu, you can see
    1. Contacts
    2. Start Chat
    3. Recent calls
    4. Meetings - PLEASE NOTE: This option is not enabled.
    5. Voicemail: PLEASE NOTE: You will need to login every time your NinerNET password changes
    6. At the very bottom of the left hand menu, there is a computer icon. This option allows you to identify what device you want to be used for phone calls and allows you to forward calls.
      Jabber Computer Options

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