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Weighted grades

The use of weighted grading for poll questions supports providing different point values to any multiple choice (true or false) and clickable image questions. Please be aware this may not always transfer cleanly into your Canvas gradebook, if you're wanting polls as a graded part of your course.

If you turn on this Beta feature you MUST enable the option for all poll questions, even those that are using 1 and zeros.

  1. Log into Poll Everywhere
  2. Click on the Profile icon in the bottom left menu bar
  3. Click on the Features lab option along the left
  4. Select the Beta features tab on the screen and turn On the weighted grading option
  5. Click Apply lab settings at the bottom to save your setting 
  6. Go to the Polls tab and select the question you want to modify
  7. Click Edit
    Edit your poll questions
  8. At the bottom of screen, below the question, select the option, Assign points to different options
    Assign different points to poll responses
  9. Fill in the desired point value for each answer option
    Weighted grades for poll questions

Status of Weighted grading

If you turn on this weighted grading option, and do not check in all of your questions the option, "Assign points to different options", your student's grades will export into the Canvas gradebook as green zeros and red zeros. A recent change (Fall 2019) to the use of this option has made checking the option mandatory  for all poll questions whether you are using varied point values or not (1 and 0).

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