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These instructions will show students how to login to Poll Everywhere using their UNC Charlotte NinerNET credentials

  1. Your faculty must first import the Canvas class roster from Canvas into Poll Everywhere
    1. For students to respond to questions, you must have logged on using the Poll Everywhere app (iOS or Android) or through a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
    2. Poll Everywhere questions have the URL visible at the top of each question page (e.g. of the poll)
  2. Students will navigate to URL of Poll Everywhere for their instructor (


    Your instructor will need to provide their Poll Everywhere instructor ID

  3. Click the log in with SSO link

  4. Enter your NinerNET user name and password and click Log In. If you are already logged into a UNC Charlotte system (Canvas, Gmail, etc.) you should be automatically logged into Poll Everywhere. Otherwise, the NinerNET Login screen is displayed for you to enter your credentials

    NinerNET Login

  5. Once logged in, you will see your instructor's poll

  6. Respond to the question that your instructor has activated

Polling Question

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