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Presenting in Presentations

If you prefer to present polls within your presentation slides, get Poll Everywhere for Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote.

  1. After creating a poll, you can present a poll from Poll Everywhere online
  2. Go to the question or question group where your questions for the day are saved
    Poll Everywhere Question Group
  3. Click on the first question you will be using to open the poll
  4. You can now activate and run poll questions to receive student responses. Use the Right and/or Left arrow buttons to progress through the poll questions in that group
  5. In order for your students to view the poll, you will need to select Activate from the menu bar in the top right hand corner; the button turns blue when selected 

    1. Note that if you'd like to show responses as they come in live from the students, you will need to select the Responses option along the bottom as well
    2. Your students will log into Poll Everywhere and respond to poll questions using your URL at the top of every poll question

Remote Control

If you are interested in presenting your polls while not at the podium, you can use the Poll Everywhere mobile app on your device

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