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As part of our efforts to ensure that Zoom settings within the HIPAA instance meet HIPAA compliance, you will no longer be able to modify the “Allow meeting participants to send chat messages” setting in your own Zoom web portal settings. It will be set to “Everyone and anyone directly” by default. However, you can still change this setting while actively hosting the meeting. 

The default setting will be set to “Everyone and anyone directly” in the Meeting chat settings in your web portal:
default settings in the web portal

However, you can still change it while in the live meeting by following these steps:

  1. In the Chat panel, click on the More button (...):
    chat settings in the chat panel
  2. Select who you’d like participants to chat with:
    chat options for participants
  3. You will need to change this while in each meeting going forward if you do not want it to be “Everyone and anyone directly”

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