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  • Because we are moving to, Zoom meetings that require authentication to join, need to be configured to accept both and addresses for authentication; otherwise, attendees will not be able to join the meeting.
  • Faculty commonly use this feature for their classes.
  • OneIT added the domain for all NEW meetings created after August 7, 2023. But existing meetings need to be updated manually by the host.

If you created an upcoming Zoom meeting with the Require Authentication to join > UNC Charlotte Users Only option prior to August 7, 2023, please follow the instructions below to avoid issues with participants being allowed in your meeting.

  1.  Go to

  2.  Go to the meeting(s) you restricted to Require Authentication to join > UNC Charlotte Users Only and click the Edit button.

  3.  Go to the Security section to Require authentication to join > UNC Charlotte Users Only
  4. If you only see only * listed, click the Edit link

    Require authentication to join image
  5. In the Sign In to Zoom with the specified domains box, add *,* 
  6. Click the Save button

    The meeting should now look like thi
    update the setting, add
  7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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