Adding content to the sidebars of your site is done using the widgets functionality. Widgets are pieces of content (text, images, blocks, etc.) that you can set to show on one or more pages in available widget areas like the left/right sidebars or above/below the main page content.

Add Widgets

In this example, we'll add a sample reusable block (we named Sidebar Right Content) containing content we want to add to the Sidebar Right widget area.

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, go to the Appearance > Widgets screen.
  2. In the Available Widgets column, click the Reusable block dropdown, select Sidebar Right, and click Add Widget. This will add a reusable block widget to the Sidebar Right widget area with the most recently created reusable block selected (our Sidebar Right Content block in this case).
  3. To set the reusable block to show only on specific pages, click the eye icon tab and update the Hide/Show dropdown to use either Hide on checked page or Show on checked pages depending on the number of pages you need to set the block to show on.
  4. If you wan the block to appear on the Homepage, check the Home/Front box from within the active Misc tab. If you want the block to show on other pages within the site, click the Post Types tab and check the bock beside each page in the list on which you want the block to appear and click Save.