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After your number has been migrated to the Zoom Phone service, you will receive an email notification that your Zoom Phone is ready for use. You will need to confirm some standard information, set your business hours, and record your voicemail greeting as a part of initial setup of your Zoom Phone.

Confirm country, time zone, and set a PIN:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal using SSO ( and click Phone to begin the setup process:
    1. If you do not see the Phone icon on the Zoom desktop or mobile app, try logging off the application and/or rebooting your device.
    2. Confirm your country (United States of America) and area code (704)
    3. Set your time zone (Eastern Time US)
    4. Set a PIN number to access your voicemail on a physical phone. (You will need to do this even if you don't have a physical phone)

Verify the emergency address and set your business hours:

  1. After the initial setup, you should adjust your Zoom Phone settings in the web portal
    Note: If you are using the Zoom Desktop Client on a Mac, you will be prompted to "Allow Zoom to Access My Location"; click Allow and then follow the prompt to enable location sharing with Zoom in the device settings. See the How do I enable location services for Zoom Phone on my Mac? page for additional information.
    1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal and click Phone, then click the Settings tab
    2. Verify and update the following settings:
      1. Emergency Address - confirm the default campus address
        1. this will show your building address if you are on-campus
        2. this will default to the main University address, 9201 University City Blvd..., if you are remote
      2. Business/Closed/Holiday Hours - Change the times when you can answer calls.

Record your Voicemail Greeting: 

  1. Under Settings, locate the Call Handling section.
  2. Set the When a call is not answered option to Forward to voicemail.
  3. Under Greeting & Leave voicemail instruction, select Edit to Add Audio.
  4. Use the Record by Computer tab to record a voice message.
    1. For asset name, you can give your recording a simple name such as "standard greeting" 
    2. Your recording will be added to your personal asset library in Zoom Phone.
    3. You can record multiple greetings. For example, if you are going on an extended leave, you may want to record a different message to use during that time

Additional start up information is available on the Getting started with Zoom Phone official support page. Please note that this page references receiving an automated email notification from Zoom which will not be the case for the University. 

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