The Office of OneIT is piloting Zoom phone starting Aug 2023. This FAQ is currently for pilot participants only.

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We are adopting a softphone-first mindset to maximize Zoom phone capability. Softphone means that you will use a Zoom Phone App on either your computer or mobile device in lieu of a physical desk phone. So, the primary phone service will be through the Zoom app. The following resources are for the softphone or Zoom Phone App.

Zoom Phone support includes access to getting started videos and articles as well as online training for Charlotte faculty and staff.

Getting Started Videos and Articles:

We recommend the following article and short videos to help get you started:

Online On-Demand Training Course:

If you are interested in a more in-depth training, we recommend the following Zoom Phone learning path (approximately 1 hour in length):

  • Getting Started with Zoom Phone - use the Enroll button found on this page to enroll using your Charlotte zoom account credentials:
    1. Click Enroll and then Log In
      log in
    2. Select the SSO option
      sso option
    3. Enter charlotte-edu into the domain field
    4. Sign in using your NinerNet credentials
      web authentication

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