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The UNC Charlotte grading scheme has been enabled by default for the 2017 Summer semesters. With this enabled, the total column in the gradebook will now display the letter grade associated with the final score. There are 2 schemes you can choose:

  1. UNCC Undergraduate Scheme
  2. UNCC Graduate Scheme

If you wish to enable a grading scheme for your Spring 2017 courses, proceed as follows:

  1. On your course homepage, click the Settings link
  2. If necessary, click the Course Details tab so it is active
  3. Select the Enable course grading scheme check box
  4. Click the view grading scheme link. The default scheme is displayed
  5. Click the Select Another Scheme link
  6. Select the scheme you want to use
  7. Click Use This Grading Standard
  8. Click Done to apply the UNCC grading scheme. The Course Details settings page is displayed
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Course Details to save your changes
  10. Access the gradebook
  11. The letter grade that corresponds to the percentage is displayed in the Total column

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