Starting May 27, 2023, you will see the changes referenced below.

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Banner Self Service will be updating on May 27, 2023 to provide a more user friendly interface. This update also introduces the new 'four square' navigation button that allows you to locate any self service tool that is not available on your Employee Dashboard. A list of tools available only by using the 'four square' navigation button is provided below.

four square navigation button

Refer to the How do I navigate Employee Self Service? FAQ for guidance on using the 'four square' navigation.

Navigation Tip

Use the 'four square' navigation button found at the top of pages such the Employee Dashboard to easily navigate back to the Banner Self Service menu and access other self service tools.

Available Only By Using the Four Square Navigation ButtonAvailable in the Employee Dashboard
Tax Information: NC-4 Employee Withholding AllowanceMy Profile: Personal Information: Address, Phone, Email, Emergency Contacts 
Benefits InformationPay Information:  Pay Stubs, Direct Deposit, Deductions History 
Current and Past JobsEarnings Information
Human Resources Training Courses Completed Tax Information:   W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance, W-2 Wage & Tax Statement, Electronic Regulatory Consent
Employee Confidentiality AgreementEnter Time / Approve Time
Tuition Waiver - For Employees and ManagersElectronic Personnel Action Forms (ePAF)

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