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The following Gmail search technique will result in the following results:

  • Only emails FROM the person being searched for will be displayed.  Messages TO or inclusive of the person will not be included.
  • Emails sent to either or, as well as emails to Google Groups and calendar invitations from the person, will be included.
  1. In Gmail, click the Show Search Options button in the Search bar
    Google Show Search Options
  2. In the search options, type the name of the person you are wanting to search for in the From field
    Gmail Advanced Search - From Field
  3. Click the Search button
  4. As an alternative, enter the following into the general Gmail search field (replacing the actual name of the person you want to search for) - from:(firstname lastname)

You can narrow down search results by adding additional information in the search options like Subject, Has the words, or Date - see this FAQ for more information.

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