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Throughout this FAQ, your.alias is used as an example to follow. As you apply any changes to your account, please ensure that you use the alias that is active for your account.

  1. Verify your default email address settings:
    1. While in Gmail, click the gear icon then See all settings
      see all settings
    2. Click on the Accounts tab
    3. In the Send mail as: section, review your list of email addresses you can send from. The default address will appear with the word default in gray bold text to the right.
      send as email addresses
    4. If your default Send as address does not include your alias or includes your alias with only lower case characters (ex., then no action is needed.
    5. If your default Send as address includes your alias with a mixture of upper and lower case letters (ex., continue on to the steps below.

  2. Change your default Send as address:
    1. Delete your default Send as address that includes a mixture of upper and lower case characters.
    2. In the Send mail as section, click Add another email address
    3. In the window that opens, type address using only lower case characters in the Email address: field then click Next Step

      Your name should already show in the Name field.  The Treat as an alias checkbox should remain checked.

      add another email address

    4. You will now see listed in the Send mail as section

    5. Click make default to assign as your default Send as address

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