The Site Options screen allows you to configure your site's tagline, enable or disable Acalog integration, and configure your site's contact form categories and emails.

Tagline Settings

Use the tagline settings to configure your site's college or division name and link. This will display on the frontend of the site underneath your site's title.

Acalog Integration

Enable the Acalog integration to load your program course catalog links using the Acalog Widge API for

Contact Form

Web Services will configure your contact form using the information you supplied when requesting the site. Use this section to manage your contact form categories and the associated email addresses that will receive form responses.

The contact form will only show on a page with a native slug of contact , so if you do not have a contact page set up, please create a new page titled Contact and make sure it's native slug is set to contact. To verify a page's native slug, edit the page and look for the "Native slug" field within the "Page" settings right sidebar in the "Permalink Manager" panel.