Site managers/editors have the ability to configure 2 menus: (1) the Main Menu and (2) the Utility Menu. offers a comprehensive overview of how to use the Menus screen. Please review their guide and read below for additional information related to the University's particular implementation.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is intended to house the primary menu items on your site. It supports adding a maximum of 2 levels of menu items. If your site needs menu items nested more than 2 levels deep, please use the parent/child page relationship instead.

If you find yourself nesting child pages more than 2-3 levels deep, please consider rethinking your content to keep the menu as flat as possible. Maintaining a flat menu structure will help increase the usability and readability of your site.

Note: linking to external sites from the main menu is not supported. If you find you want to link externally from the main menu, please rework your content and create a page with a call to action that encourages users to visit the external link to take some action.

Utility Menu

The Utility Menu houses the links displayed in the dark green utility bar at the top left of your site. By default, this menu contains links to the University's main landing pages. You can change or remove these links to fit the needs of your site.