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Please see the following important reminders regarding submitting a sponsored guest account...

  1. The sponsored guest account process establishes a basic account.  If elevated or special access is required, a separate request may be required - see this FAQ for more information
  2. Sponsored guests accounts default to the department of the sponsor

  3. All non-US Citizen, non-Permanent Resident requests have to be reviewed by ISSO - please attach correspondence related to that review to the sponsored guest account submission

  4. If the person objects to providing an image of their Legal ID, the submitted image can be redacted of data EXCEPT full name, date of birth, and residential address

  5. If the Legal ID has a middle initial included, please obtain the sponsored guests full middle name to be included in the submission

  6. Occasionally, technicians processing new sponsored guest account requests may inquire about previous addresses - this is because a potential match has been found in Banner and previous addresses are verified to avoid the creation of a duplicate account
  7. If a sponsored guest is requested for an active user, please provide details as to why a sponsored guest account is being requested
    Example: A recently graduated student needs to be eligible to be granted access to the door system

  8. If a sponsored guest needs to sign the University Confidentiality Agreement, use this link

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