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Send as address to for user and generic accounts

Messages sent to Google Groups from addresses will display differently in the recipient's inbox showing both the sender's name and group name:
Email from Charlotte address to Google Group

Email signatures will need to be updated - see this FAQ

Email aliases will be in all lower case because mixed case addresses can create issues with email delivery

  • If you have an alias that includes uppercase letters (, the alias will be created in lowercase (
  • Your default "send as" address will be in lowercase (
NinerNET usernames
Primary Google account will remain for both user and generic accounts
Calendar invites will still come from
Login to computers and Single Sign On systems will remain the same
Google Group email addresses and membership
NinerNET account activation process
Document sharing and functionality in Docusign, Perceptive Content, and Dropbox (continue using addresses)
Email addresses in systems will remain (e.g. Banner)

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