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New user experiences will vary depending on whether they have accessed Smartsheet before, whether through UNC Charlotte or not. Users should log in with their Company account, using their NinerNET credentials, when prompted.

If you have already logged for the first time successfully, please refer to the steps in the How do I login to IT Projects Portal software (OneIT Smartsheets)? FAQ page.


  1. Go to the IT PPMO portal, if this is the 1st time logging in, follow the steps below. 
    1. You will only need to follow these steps for New Users one time.
    2. Afterwards, you will be able to log in using the steps found in the How do I login to IT Projects Portal software (OneIT Smartsheets)? FAQ page.
  2. Log in with your Google account.
    sign up with google
  3. If this is the first time logging in:
    1. You will receive an email. If you have an alias, you may receive 2 messages.
    2. Click on the blue Accept button on the email(s).
      accept the invitation
    3. If a window pops up with a request to set up a password, user should ignore it by closing the window. 
      ignore the password request
    4. User signs back into OneIT Portal. User will either see the standard NinerNET login or the OneIT Smartsheet login. If the latter, choose Sign in with Google.
      sign in with google
    5. User may receive a pop-up window asking them to Sign Up. If received, they should click on the blue Submit button.
      submit if asked to sign up
    6. If a notification pops up informing the user that their password is too short, they should click the checkbox to agree and click on Next (this is an issue that we have submitted a ticket to Smartsheet for resolution).
      agree to user agreement and next
    7. User is notified that they have been successfully added to Smartsheet.
      you have been added success message
    8. To access the IT Projects Portal, you should login via SSO
    9. If you have an email alias, then both email addresses should be associated with the account. Go to Personal Settings:
      personal settings
    10. Click on Manage Email accounts
      manage email accounts
    11. Search for your email alias. Click Add email address
      all email address

You may see a notice that you have a limited license, upgrade now. You should not need to upgrade. Contact the PPMO at if you have a question.

upgrade notification

SPECIAL NOTE: There is currently a bug with the tool that results in a pop-up window with messaging that the password is too short. Check the box next to agree and click next. This issue has been logged with the provider.

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