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The above video shows some features not used at UNC Charlotte but provides a great overview of Dropbox Smart Sync.

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  1. Smart Sync is a new option in the Dropbox Sync App that allows you to see files and folders stored on your local hard drive and online only (in the cloud) in one view. No more switching back and forth between the sync app and the online version of Dropbox! 
  2. Smart Sync gives you the option to easily save files and folders on your hard drive (local) or in the cloud (online only) or in some local/online only combination.
  3. Local files will still sync to the cloud.
  4. Files and folders stored using the online-only option do not take up space on your computer and only save the file name, location and last updated date to your hard drive. 
  5. Online-only files and folders are saved to the hard drive when you double-click on them.
  6. When you are done editing the files/folders, you can either keep them on hard drive or send them to the cloud using the online-only option.
  7. Here are some examples:
    1. All files are local:
      screenshot of all files are local
    2. All files are online-only:
      screenshot online only
    3. Some files local, some files online
      screenshot some files local some files online only
  8. Since the cloud and is more secure than your hard drive, we recommend you use this feature and store files online only and only use the hard drive when you are working on them.

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