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  1. As per the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), University Policy 311.1, and Credit/Debit Card Processing Regulation, no credit or debit card related data Cardholder Data (CHD) can be stored on ImageNow.
  2. CHD is any personally identifiable data associated with a card holder. At a minimum, CHD, consists of the Primary Account Number (the account number printed on the front of the credit or debit card) and Sensitive Authentication Data (including, but not limited to, the security code/card validation codes/values, magnetic-stripe data, PINs, and PIN blocks).
  3. Credit or debit card related data has to be physically or electronically redacted from a document before it can be scanned or imported into the system.
  4. Please talk to an Imaging team member to learn the appropriate way to redact information from paper documents. Direct all such inquiries to



For more details regarding policies and standards regarding credit card date, reference the PCI DSS at: and University Policy 311.1 at

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