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As a student, I have completed the video I want to share in a course discussion, and I am ready to upload to the video discussion provided by the instructor.

  1. In your Canvas course, click the applicable link indicated by the instructor to go to the discussion. For example, click Discussions

  2. The discussion page will display. Click the discussion and then select Reply
  3. In the Text Entry box, click the Kaltura star icon to launch Embed Kaltura Media
  4. Click Add New and select Media Upload
  5. The Upload Media window display
  6. Drag and drop your media file or click the Choose a file to upload button to find and upload your media
  7. Search for your media file on your computer and select the media file
  8. Click Open
  9. Click </> Embed
  10. The media will process and then embed in your discussion post. You can add text, if needed, to the text entry box and then click Post Reply

    Media upload

    Depending on the size of your video, it may take some time for Kaltura to convert it to mp3 or mp4, depending on whether it is an audio or video. Converted videos will display a thumbnail image within the video, while video still being converted will be blank. You can still embed the video if it is still being converted but you will not be able to play the video until the conversion is complete.

  11. The submitted Discussion post will be displayed
  12. You can edit your video discussion post, if the submission end date has not yet passed

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