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OneIT is developing the implementation plan for Google quotas and expects to start implementing in May '23 using a phased approach.

  1. The proposed Google quota levels were determined by an analysis of campus storage levels as of July 2022.  The table below reflects data updated October 2022. 
  2. The levels were established in an attempt to cause as little disruption as possible.
RoleQuotaAverage StorageMedian Storage% Users Under Quota
Employee (Fac/Staff)100 GB43.02 GB7.22 GB94%
Faculty (As part of the above employee group)100 GB46.04 GB10.31 GB93%
Student25 GB4.68 GB.45 GB98%
Sponsored Guest25 GB5.89 GB.00 GB96%
Generic25 GB8.80 GB.06 GB98%

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