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Kaltura Capture allows you to create videos using your webcam, screen capture, and audio.

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Access a course in which My Media is enabled

    Canvas Course Navigation

    Please view the Canvas document How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links? for help enabling My Media

  3. Click the My Media in the navigation menu of your course
  4. On the My Media page, click Add New drop-down button
  5. Select Kaltura Capture

  6. On the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder page, click the download link for your operating system. In this example, we've selected Download for Mac

  7. Save the file to your computer (not illustrated)
  8. Once downloaded, click the file to install the Desktop Recorder on your computer and follow steps to completion (not illustrated)
  9. In the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder window that opens, note that you're asked to launch the Desktop Recorder from the 'Add New' menu in Canvas. Click OK
  10. In Canvas, click on My Media in the course navigation menu
  11. On the My Media page, click on Add New, then Kaltura Capture again 
  12. The Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder will launch. Select your Screen, Camera, and/or Audio device to record. See What is the Kaltura Capture tool in Canvas? to find links to each type of recording

Kaltura Icon

After you install the Desktop Recorder, you will have a shortcut on your desktop  to launch it going forward.

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