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The NinerWorks system will be implemented in multiple phases:

  1. Phase 1 (Live Feb 6, 2023): Request grad assistantships and SHRA non-student temporary assignments (hourly and salaried)
  2. Phase 2 (Live October 16, 2023): Request Student and Federal Work Study (FWS) assignments 
  3. Phase 3 (Live October 16, 2023): Request Part Time Faculty, Continuing Education Part Time Employee assignments
  4. Phase 4 (target Feb 15, 2024): Request Special Payment for Full Time Employee, Student Leadership Positions, WebTime Entry Approver assignments
  5. Phase 5 (target May 15, 2024): Request University Professional Internship Program (UPIP) assignments, Student Stipends 


    Departments will continue to submit assignment requests in the Banner Self Service ePAF system until each ePAF type moves to NinerWorks

    Target dates for Phase 4 & Phase 5 are tentative dates and subject to change.   

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