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This issue is related to the use of the Zoom Scheduler Extension for Google Chrome which is located in the right panel of your google calendar window, not to be mistaken with the the Google Marketplace App which is accessed by clicking on Create New Event.

Users using the Zoom scheduler extension for Chrome may not be able to create a new Zoom meeting within Google Calendar.  The following errors may be displayed:
Zoom Google Calendar Error

Zoom Google Calendar Error

Follow the below instructions to resolve the issue...

  1. From your google calendar, click on the Zoom scheduler extension in the right panel.
  2. Click on the three dots for more actions and select sign out
  3. Click on sign in
  4. Click Sign In with SSO
    Sign In with SSO

    1. if prompted for company domain, please enter "charlotte-edu"
  5. Login using your NinerNET username & password
  6. Zoom scheduler extension should now be updated allowing you to create Zoom meetings within Google Calendar

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