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BeyondTrust is a remote support solution that allows OneIT technicians to connect to university-managed computers with user permission remotely. 

Please contact the IT Service Desk, and if instructed to do so, a OneIT technician will provide you with a seven-digit session key.

  1. Locate the OneIT Support shortcut found in Self Service or within Applications on your university-managed macOS computer.

  2. Launch the OneIT Support application/button by clicking Get Support

  3. Once the OneIT Support window opens, enter the session key provided by the OneIT technician.

  4. Acknowledge the Full Terms & Conditions of use by clicking the hyperlink and selecting ACCEPT.

  5. You will receive an Access Request prompt from the OneIT technician requesting view and control of your university-managed computer; click Allow.

  6. The Remote Support Customer Client will launch, enabling sharing and chat functionality between you and the OneIT technician.  

  7. When prompted, confirm your remote support session has ended by clicking Yes.

  8. You will receive the message: Thank you for contacting OneIT!
    Acknowledging that your remote support session has ended, your computer is no longer being remotely managed.

How do I end a remote support session?

You can close the session by clicking the red X in the sidebar or the session tab or exiting through the session menu.

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