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Managers can view training transcripts for their direct and indirect reports in the Learning and Development Portal using the FAQ How do I access my direct report's transcript?

Managers can also review training transcripts using the Training Status Report.

Follow the steps below to run the report in the Learning and Development Portal.

1) Log in to the Learning & Development Portal

2) Find the Reports tab and select Standard Reports

 3) Select Training Status Summary from the list of available reports in the Track Employees tab

4) Use the drop-down arrow to select the time frame or leave the Data Criteria section blank and see all training for your direct reports

5) Use the Advanced Filters section to filter your search 

6) Click on Search to run the report

Note: No Records Found means your direct reports have no transcript data within the selected  timeframe or filter criteria.

7) Training Status Summary bar graph is displayed.  Scroll down to the list view of your Search Results

8) Use Previous / Next (located on the right side of the Search Results section) to navigate multiple pages of search results

Note: Use the Export to Excel feature to export the search results to the Excel spreadsheet.