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When student accounts are created in Canvas, the Continuing Education student will receive an email with the subject: Finish Registration: Canvas

  1. Upon receiving the Canvas Account Registration email
    1. Open the email
    2. In the email message, click the Click here to finish the registration process link
    3. The Welcome Aboard Canvas window is displayed
    4. Your Continuing Ed user name is displayed in the Login text box 
    5. Type the password you want to use with Canvas


      You can create a new password OR you can use the password you use to log into the Continuing Ed site

    6. Click Register. You are logged into Canvas
  2. If you forgot your password OR did not receive the account registration email
    1. Log into Canvas
    2. Click the Forgot Password link. The Request Password page is displayed
    3. In the Email address text box, type the email address associated with your Canvas account


      Do NOT use a email address. You need to use the email address associated with your Continuing Education account

    4. Click Request Password. You will receive an email with the subject: Forgot Password: Canvas

    5. Access your email account and open the forgot password message from Canvas
    6. In the message, click the Click here to set a new password link. The Change Login Password window is displayed
    7. In the New Password text box, type a new password of you choice
    8. In the Confirm New Password text box, type the password you entered in step g
    9. Click Update Password. The Canvas login page is displayed
    10. Type your user name and the password you created into the appropriate text boxes and click Log In
  3. Access Your Courses
    1. In the left navigation, click the Courses icon
    2. The All Courses list is displayed. All courses that you are enrolled in are listed here
    3. To place a course on the Dashboard, click the star icon to the left of the course name
    4.  The course will now be displayed as a block on the Dashboard

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