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After you have uploaded your video to My Media, you can easily embed it on a Canvas Page. This will stream the video from the external Kaltura streaming server, optimizing playback based on a viewer's device and save storage space in your Canvas course (limited to 5GB).

  1. Open the course in which you want to embed your video on a Page
  2. In your course navigation menu, click Pages

    Grayed Out Pages Link

    The Pages link will be grayed out if you have not yet created any pages or if you have hidden the link in the navigation menu.

  3. On the far right, click +Page
  4. Type a name for your page
  5. In the Content Editor, place the cursor where you want to embed the video player
  6. In the bottom row of the formatting toolbar, click the electric plug icon tool to see more external tools. The Embed Kaltura Media option is displayed
  7. To the right of the thumbnail of the video you want to embed, click the cog/gear icon next to the Embed button 
  8. In the Embed Settings, you can choose Default Player with Transcript or Default Player without Transcript

    Transcripts are the full text version of the captioning of a video and are separate from the closed captioning. They make it easier for viewers to follow along with the captions of your video if they so choose. However, the transcript widget creates additional whitespace below the player which can be distracting on the page. If you wish to eliminate this whitespace, select the Default Player without Transcript option when embedding your video(s)

  9. In the Max Embed Size, select the video player size. We recommend the largest size 608x402
  10. The embedded video and player will appear in the Content Editor. Click Save & Publish
  11. The embedded video player will display on the page. Click the Play button to view. You can now link to the page anywhere in your Canvas course
    Embed Video in Page

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