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Grackle Docs is a Google Marketplace Add-on available to all users with a UNC Charlotte email address that reviews a Google document for accessibility issues.  Grackle Docs will also provide suggestions to fix the issue in compliance with standards.  For more information, visit:

  1. Installing the Google Add-on
    1. Log into your UNC Charlotte Google account 
    2. Open a Google Doc
    3. In the Add-ons drop-down menu, select Get Add-ons

    4. In the Search Apps text box
    5. Type Grackle and select Grackle Docs

    6. Click the Grackle Docs option
    7. Click Install
    8. Click Continue to grant permission to install Grackle
    9. Click Allow to enable Grackle to access your account
    10. Click Done to finish the installation
    11. Close any open dialog boxes

  2. Launching GrackleDocs and Checking Accessibility
    1. Log into your UNC Charlotte Google account
    2. Open the Google doc you want to check for accessibility
    3. In the  Add-ons drop-down menu, select Grackle Docs, Launch
    4. The Accessibilty Check is displayed on the right side of the page
    5. Click the issue for suggested fixes and/or direct editing of the problem
  3. Grackle Docs checks for the following elements
    1. Document title is required
    2. Document language should be specified
    3. Images should have alternate text or mark as artifact
    4. Drawings should have alternate text or mark as artifact
    5. Equations should be described
    6. Images may need to be downsampled to reduce file size
    7. Headings should be used
    8. A single “Heading 1” should be used
    9. Headings must be properly nested
    10. Tables must be tagged or marked as layout tables
    11. The use of merged cells is not recommended
    12. The use of empty cells is not recommended
    13. Headers and footers should be used
    14. Footnotes should have ids and alt text
    15. Lists should be used where appropriate
    16. Document should not contain unsupported contents
    17. High color contrast should be used
    18. Fine print should be avoided
    19. All-caps styling should be avoided
    20. Adjusted alignment not suggested for non-heading text
    21. Lengthy paragraphs should be avoided
    22. Links should be informative

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