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Old Zoom meetings are added to your current calendar during the copy course process. This is a known issue with the Canvas Zoom integration and the course copy process. When you schedule Zoom Meetings within Canvas, a calendar event for each scheduled meeting is automatically added to the course calendar with a link to join the meeting. When you select the All Content during the course copy process, the Zoom meetings from the copied Canvas course are added to instructor and student Canvas calendars

  1. If the Zoom meetings from your previous Canvas course are added to your calendars, delete each meeting
    1. View the Canvas calendar for your course
    2. Select the erroneous Zoom meeting
    3. Click Delete
    4. In the Confirm Deletion dialog box, click Delete. The calendar entry is removed from your and student calendars
  2. To prevent previous Zoom meetings from being copied to your new course
    1. Start the Copy a Canvas Course process
    2. In the Content area, choose the Select specific content option
    3. Click Import

    4. In the Current Jobs area, click Select Content

    5. Do NOT select the Calendar Events option and click Select Content

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