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Check Images or LaTex!

Preview questions with images you uploaded or that were created using LaTex as they may not display properly. This is a known issue and the vendor is working to resolve. In the meantime, we recommend using Classic Quizzing

Questions from a Classic Quiz question bank can be manually imported into a New Quiz Item Bank using the steps below. These steps can be repeated for each bank you want to migrate.

  1. Add all questions from the question bank to a classic quiz
    1. Open your course and create a new classic quiz with the name of a question bank (use the Graded Quiz option)
    2. On the Questions tab, click Find Questions
    3. Locate the question bank and Select All questions
    4. Click Add Questions at the bottom
    5. Save the quiz by clicking the Save button in the bottom right
  2. Export the classic quiz
    1. In the left navigation bar, click Settings

    2. Click the Export Course Content link

    3. In the Export Type area, select Quiz and then ensure only the quiz you just created is selected. Click Create Export

    4. Download the ZIP file when the process is completed by clicking on the link. It is normally saved in the Downloads folder

  3. Create an Item Bank
    1. In the left navigation, select Item Banks (if this isn't enabled, follow this FAQ to enable the menu item)
    2. Click +Bank in the top right to create a new item bank

    3. Name the bank and click Create Bank
    4. Click the title for the item bank you just created (you may also type the title into the search, to locate the bank)
    5. In the top right, click the 3 dots icon and choose Import Content

    6. Browse for the quiz export you created earlier, usually in the downloads folder and click Import 
    7. Click Done

    8. The questions have been added to the item bank

  4. Repeat this process for each question bank

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