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There are many devices and services which cannot be attached to the network because they can interfere with the function of the system. These include the following.

  1. Personal computers because we can't guarantee how they have been maintained and managed and could contain malware and viruses.
  2. Network name servers such as DNS servers, etc.
  3. Network address management systems which administer or assign network node addresses for TCP/IP or other protocols (BOOT-P, DHCP, etc.).
  4. Network cabling/wiring, or equipment which transmits network signals (hubs, routers, concentrators, switches, or other).
  5. Connections to other networks or the Internet, without express consent by the Manager of Network Services.
  6. Any device which has the ability to record or display network traffic or network data content, and thereby breach the privacy of users.
  7. Any network or application security device such as local network firewalls which negatively impact the normal flow of authorized user and data traffic on the campus network.
  8. Any system, service, or device which interferes with the normal operation of existing infrastructural services including but not limited to Email, Email SMTP gateway, Web, FTP, Proxy, or others.
  9. Any services or systems which conduct commerce not specifically authorized by University administration.

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