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 Banner Finance form FTVFUND (Fund Code Validation) is the best way to view most fund numbers used by an endowment.

  1. Open your web browser and go to

  2. Select BANPROD located under Banner 9 Admin Pages area and log in
  3. Type FTVFUND in the search field and press Enter
  4. Press F7 to start a query

  5. Type in the chart of accounts you want to search in (e.g., 1-University, F-Foundation, A-Athletics)


    For the W H Cato Fellowship Fund (Foundation endowment), type F in the Chart of Accounts / Equals query fields and Cato in the Title Contains query field

    FTVFUND query screen

  6. Press F8 to execute the query. This will pull all funds with the word Cato in the name in Chart F
  7. This should give you all endowment fund numbers as well as the Foundation spending fund

You can use Banner form FTMEELT (External Report Translation Code Maintenance) to search for the related spending fund, or you can use FTVFUND to search for Cato in Chart 1. The name of the fund should be the same for all fund numbers.

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