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  1. Open your web browser and go to

  2. Select BANPROD located under the Banner 9 Admin Pages area and log in
  3. Determine the related fund numbers by following the instructions in this FAQ

  4. Once the related fund # is known, check the balances using Banner form FGITBSR (Trial Balance Summary)

    1. Enter the Chart of Account the fund is in (1-University, F-Foundation, A-Athletics) in the COA field

    2. Enter the fund # in the Fund field 

    3. Enter the fiscal year in the Fiscal Year field   

    4. Hit Alt + Page Down to populate data 

    5. The Current Fund Balance will show at the bottom of the screen

      1. The fund has a positive balance if it has a Credit balance

      2.  If the fund has a Debit balance it is in a deficit

  5.  Combine the two balances to get the true fund balance

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