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In the General Ledger ("GL"):

  1. A negative balance is a debit balance


    Using FGIBDST (Organization Budget Status), the net balance is shown in the “Net Total” row under the “YTD Activity” column. In the figure below, the year-to-date net balance is -71,304.75, a debit balance on the GL.

    FGIBDST Banner Screen Shot debit balance

  2. A positive balance is a credit balance


    Using FGITBSR (Trial Balance Summary) or FGITBAL (General Ledger Trial Balance) will show the Current Balance and if the balance is a debit or credit. In the figure below, the fund has a Net Asset credit balance of $93,970.50 ($95,781.30 – $1,810.80).

    FGITBAL example of debit credit labels in Banner 9

    You need to add accounts 79300 Expenditure Control and G21100 Accounts Payable-Vendors to determine the fund’s current Net Asset balance

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