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  1. Find the Year to Date (YTD) expense amount for the account balance you want to transfer using Banner Finance

    1. Open your browser and go to

    2. Select BANPROD located under Banner 9 Admin Pages area and log in
    3. Enter FGITRND (Detail Transaction Activity) in the search field (you can also use FGIBDST)
    4. Enter your Fund number in the Index or Fund field and enter the account number in the Account field
    5. Alt + Page Down or select the Go button Banner 9 Go button
    6. In the DETAIL TRANSACTION ACTIVITY AREA, select Field from the Add Another Field drop-down menu
      FGITRND  detail transaction activity drop down box
    7. Enter YTD in the Field box and select F8 to execute the filter query
      FGITRND field query box in Banner 9
    8. TOOLS > Query Totals for all records to get the account balance total
    9. Take a screenshot and save it to submit as backup documentation with the Financial Transaction Request Form
  2. Complete a Journal Entry using the Financial Transaction Request Form (FTR) 

    For more information on FTRs, refer to the FTR FAQ page

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