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  1. On the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching page, click Sign In
  2. Enter your UNC Charlotte email address and click Next

  3. Enter your NinerNET password and click Sign In

  4. You will be directed to the Microsoft Azure Dashboard, click the Download software button in the bottom right
  5. There will be several software offerings available search for either Windows 10 Education or Windows 11 Education.

    While available the Windows N versions exclude media-related technologies and are not recommended.

  6. Select the desired software, click Download (1) and View Key (2) to obtain your Windows OS software file and product key for activation after installation.  

    A product key is required in order to complete the installation and successfully activate Windows OS.  

    For additional guidance installing or upgrading the Windows OS device, you’re currently using, click here
    For additional guidance installing or upgrading Windows OS on a different device, click here

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