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  1. Click the quiz link
  2. If Respondus LockDown Browser is not installed on your device, click the Latest Version link 
  3. The Respondus page is displayed
    1. Take note of the Version information in the middle column
    2. Click INSTALL NOW

  4. The Respondus LockDown Browser executable file is downloaded into your Downloads folder
  5. In the Taskbar, click the up arrow next to the file name
  6. Select Open
  7. Double-click the Install Respondus LockDown install file
  8. Click Allow to start the installation
  9. The installer Introduction page is displayed. Click Continue
  10. To accept the license agreement, click Continue

  11. Click Agree to accept the software license agreement
  12. Click Install
  13. If necessary, enter your credentials that allow you to install an application and click Install Software
  14. The installation will start and you will view the progress.  When the installation is complete, click Close
  15. Close the Respondus page
  16. Click the quiz link. The Assignment Loading page is displayed
  17. In the Open LockDown Browser? dialog box, click Open LockDown Browser

  18. Enable Respondus LockDown Broser to make changed to your device by clicking Yes
  19. If you have open applications, Respondus LockDown Browser prompts you to close them. You may need to click Close Process several times

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