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In order to use Touch ID with Duo, the following is required:

  1. A MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with a Touch ID button
  2. Touch ID enabled and a fingerprint enrolled (see this macOS User Guide)
  3. Updated Chrome browser - Safari and other browser are not supported

Additional advisements...

  • Facial recognition functionality on mobile devices is not available
  • This functionality has been enabled, but advanced support is not available
  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to Duo My Settings & Devices - see this FAQ for instructions
  3. Click Add another device
  4. Select Touch ID from the list of devices and click Continue
    Duo Touch ID enroll prompt
  5. You'll be prompted to "Enroll with Touch ID" - click Continue
    Duo Touch ID enroll prompt

    You may also be prompted to "Allow this site to see your security key" - click Allow if receiving this prompt.

  6. The Touch ID enrollment window will prompt you to touch the Touch ID button on the Touch Bar - place your finger on the button to confirm


When authenticating with Touch ID, you have to be sure to select the Device and click "Use Touch ID" in order to receive the Mac prompt. 
Duo Touch ID selection for auth

Mac Touch ID prompt

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