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  1. Email the following information to your purchasing agent or 
    1. Purchasing card (p-card) accountholder name
    2. Vendor name
    3. Payment amount
    4. Business purpose
    5. Reason for using the p-card instead of 49er Mart
    6. For software or IT-related exception requests, include the completed OneIT Software & IT-Related Contract Request located on the Office of OneIT website. This form is required if the exception request is software or IT-related. The Purchasing office will send this form to IT for review.
  2. If approval is received from a purchasing agent, pay the invoice using the p-card.

    Note that if the payment to be made exceeds the single transaction limit, the account holder must first email to request an exception for an over-the-limit payment.

  3. When you reconcile the transaction in the Works application, add a comment that your purchasing agent granted prior approval of an exception to use the p-card for payment.

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