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These instructions describe the process for transferring individual quizzes from Canvas to Respondus 4.0 via the QTI XML file type. The IMS QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) standard, allows questions to be imported or exported to other QTI-compliant programs, such as Canvas. You will be able to print a paper copy of your quiz.

Respondus Version

 Make sure you have the most recent version of Respondus 4.0. To check for updates, open Respondus 4.0, go to Help, then Check for Update. If an update is available, you will be prompted to update. The most current version is Respondus August 1, 2018

Basic Question Types

Accurate results will be obtained for Quizzes that use basic question types. These are true/false, multiple choice, essay, or fill-in-the-blank questions. Other question types such as math equations, matching, quizzes with images, or question banks may not translate over. You will have to create them into the final product. Further information can be found on the Respondus/Canvas Personality guide website

  1. Export quizzes from Canvas using the Export Course Content option found under Settings in Canvas
    1. If you have multiple quizzes, you will have to export each quiz individually
  2. When the export is complete, you will see a Click here to download option
  3. The exported file will be a compressed .zip file 
  4. Double click the .zip file to extract the individual folders and files. The QTI XML Quiz file will have an .xml file extension

    XML Folder

    The downloaded quizzes will be in folders that have a random alphanumeric serial number. The .xml file will be inside the folder with the same alphanumeric name

  5. Open Respondus 4.0
  6. Click the Start tab and set the Personality to IMS QTI
  7. Click the Import Questions button to open the Import Questions window
  8. Ensure that the Type of file is set to QTI
  9. Click the Browse button to look for the .xml file (File name) corresponding to the exported quiz
  10. Select the option to Append the questions to the current document or Create a new document
    If you choose Create a new document, provide an appropriate name 
  11. Click the Preview button to check for any problems
    A status box will appear showing possible issues such as questions with no answer choice or duplicate questions. Make your corrections where necessary
  12. Click the Finish button to initiate the import
  13. For questions such as Matching that is not supported in the QTI import process, you will be able to re-create those questions in Respondus
  14. Switch to the Edit tab to modify the file
  15. To create a new question, select the desired Question Type on the left side of the screen
  16. The entry form on the right side of the screen will change accordingly
  17. Add text for the Title of Question
  18. Enter the question text into the Question Wording field
  19. Enter data into the other fields as needed
  20. Click the option to either Add to End of the List or Insert into List to add the question
  21. Your new question is now added to the quiz

  22. To print your quiz, click the Preview and Publish tab
  23. Click the Print Options on the left of the screen
  24. Choose the appropriate options to print the document or save it to a file for additional formatting using a Word processor application

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