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You can upload midterm grades from Canvas directly into Banner. You can even submit grades from a combined/crosslisted course

Last Date of Attendance

The Last Date of Attendance is NOT required for midterm grades. You will not be prompted for this information

  1. In the course you want to upload grades for, in the left navigation, click the Canvas to Banner Grade Submission link

  2. Click Open in New Tab
  3. A list of the courses you are teaching is displayed
  4. For the course you want to upload grades, click View grades
  5. The grades page is displayed. You will see the student’s Name, NinerNET user name, Section of the course enrolled, Course Total, Status, Previously Submitted Grade, and Grade to Submit columns


    The first time you access this page, in the Status column the message No grade submitted is displayed. You will see that the Course Total will match the Course Total from the grade book and the Previously Submitted Grade column will contain a dash (-)

    NOTE: In the above graphic the student names and email addresses are blocked to comply with FERPA regulations

  6. The Grade to Submit column will display the Course Total as a letter grade
  7. If you want to change a grade, in the Grade to Submit column select the letter grade from the drop-down list
  8. Once you have verified and chosen the letter grades, you must then select the Confirm check box for all the student grades
  9.  Click Submit Grades. The button is located at the top and bottom of the page
  10.  The page refreshes. In the Status column, the message for the grades you uploaded is now Pending: Check email for details. You will also see a success message at the top of the page
  11. When Banner confirms your grades have been received, you will receive an confirmation email. The email will let you know if there are any issues with the grade submission
  12. The Status message will change on the Canvas form
    1. The possible Status messages are: 
      1. Success: Grade in Banner
      2. Error: Student not registered for course
      3. Error: Grade not valid for section
      4. Error: Grade not updated. Contact Registrar
      5. Pending: Check email for details
      6. No grade submitted
      7. Error: Instructor not assigned to section

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