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Non-exempt employees can add work time to their timesheet to account for a partial or full day's work. The time entry option should be used in the event an employee is away from the office for the entire day (i.e., attends a conference or workshop) or if an employee is new and does not have immediate access to Kronos on their start date.

  1. From the home screen in Kronos, click My Timesheet in the top left corner of the first box.
    1. This will take you to your CURRENT timesheet. 
    2. Use the navigation arrows at the top left of the timesheet to navigate to the desired timesheet if the change request is needed for a previous timesheet period. 
  2. Once on the desired timesheet period, select CHANGE REQUESTS on the action item bar near the top right of the screen.
    Change Request Button

  3. Select Add Time Entry from the drop down.
  4. Select the correct Date from the drop down list.
  5. Key in the work time that needs to be added to the timesheet indicating the IN/OUT punches.
    1. Enter the time either in hours/minutes (hh:mm) or decimal.

    Add Time Entry Screenshot

    Lunch break

    The system will automatically deduct the lunch break based on the employee's existing schedule in Kronos once the change request has been approved by the supervisor.

  6. Select the Submit Changes icon .


    Once your supervisor approves the Change Request the entry will appear on your timesheet.

  7. See this FAQ if the employee needs to add individual IN/OUT punches. 

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